5th EULAR Epidemiology Course


Berlin, 30 June & 1 July 2017 (2 day-course)


This 2-day course is aimed at young rheumatologists/HPR/researchers with at least some previous experience in epidemiology/outcomes research/clinical trials/statistics.


The main goal of the course is to increase the interest, knowledge and skills of young researchers in epidemiology and outcome measures and to stimulate critical thinking in the design and reading of research studies. Furthermore, the course will also allow young researchers to get together, which will facilitate future collaborations; as well as interact with the prestigious speakers. For more information, please refer to the attached flyer and/or the course description:

EULAR website: http://www.eular.org/edu_course_epidemiology.cfm  

Course flyer with programme: http://www.eular.org/myUploadData/files/Epid_Course_Flyer_2017.pdf

You can find some additional information on previous courses with feedback from participants:




This EULAR Course costs 425 euros (with 1 night accommodation) or 500 Euros (with 2 nights accommodation); this includes the courses, all meals and hotel (so additionally you only have to pay the travel costs). You may also ask for a EULAR bursary which will cover the Course costs (or ask for pharma company support if you wish).


The number of participants is limited to 45 participants and this is a competitive application process! Applicants will be selected based on their curriculum vitae/application form.

Applications are now open! The application deadline is 30 March 2017, but the sooner you sign up, the better.

Bursary applications can be made through: http://www.eular.org/bursary_app_epidemiology.cfm

The epidemiology course application form should be sent to Mrs Gaƫlle Notzli, c/o MCI Suisse SA

Phone: +41 22 33 99 628

Fax: +41 22 33 99 601

E-mail: Gaelle.Notzli@mci-group.com

(Please indicate as header: Epidemiology Course Berlin 2017)