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EMEUNET Peer Review Mentoring Program: call for applications

Since its first edition in 2012, this innovative program has received enormous attention by all the EMEUNET community and it has been continuously growing.

Currently we are running a  collaboration with the two EULAR/BMJ rheumatology journals: ARD and RMD Open. This brought new top-level mentors and a broader selection of research topics, as well as a higher number of places available.

Do not miss your opportunity to engage in scientific state-of-the-art discussions with leading experts and receiving a valuable training in peer review!
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EMEUNET Peer Review Mentoring initiative in collaboration with Annals of Rheumatic Diseases

In 2012 we launched a collaboration between EMEUNET and the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD), with the approval of the Editor of ARD, Professor Tore K. Kvien. This collaboration aims to enhance the peer-reviewing skills of EMEUNET members, through supervised paper reviewing. This initiative also provides an outstanding opportunity for EMEUNET members to become familiar with a state-of-the-art peer-review process and to improve their reviewer skills. It also gives them direct access to, and mentoring from top European rheumatologists!

Within the framework of the initiative, EMEUNET members (Junior Reviewers) with compatible research interests are assigned to a Senior Reviewer (Official ARD reviewer, Mentor). The Junior Reviewers then participate in the reviewing of a number of ARD manuscripts assigned to the Senior Reviewer. When the Mentor decides that the review skills of one or more mentees are sufficient for performing a good quality independent review, the training for the mentee(s) can be considered complete and they are issued an EMEUNET certificate indicating their successful completion of the Peer Review Mentoring Course.

Currently (March, 2017) 26 EMEUNET members are participating in the initiative. The Senior Reviewers this year are Prof. Philip Conaghan (UK), Prof. Kevin Winthrop (USA), Prof. Robert Landewe (the Netherlands), Prof. Hendrik Schulze-Koops (Germany) and Prof. Ingrid Lundberg (Sweden).

EMEUNET Mentor-mentee meetings

At ACR and EULAR conferences, we arrange informal meetings with mentees (n=4-6) and one mentor with matching research interests. The meetings take place in a casual and informal atmosphere, and last approximately 60 minutes. The topics for discussion are decided by the mentees and mentors, and may be specific or general research questions or questions regarding career pathways. The meetings are always a great success! For EULAR 2017, we had the following mentors: Prof. Josef Smolen, Prof Iain McInnes and  Prof. William G. Dixon.

EMEUNET Glossary of Centres of Excellence

In 2016, we launched the glossary of EULAR Centres of excellences on our website.
Currently there are 22 top research centres in Europe approved as EULAR Centres of Excellence. This designation is valid for 5 years.

The goal with the registry of EULAR Centres of Excellence is two-fold:
1) To present first-class research centres for active researchers
2) To enable exchange of research projects.

We have compiled a list for our EMEUNET members containing the current EULAR Centres of Excellence with information about the centres’ main focus in research, research possibilities within the centres and contact information.
Our members also have the special opportunity to contact first class researchers at these centres for advice regarding e.g. research or carrier.  The mentors should not be contacted more than twice a year. If not specified otherwise, these mentors are also the contact persons for the centres.

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