Newsletter Subgroup

Leader: Alessia Alunno (Italy)

Members: Antonis Fanouriakis (Greece), Barbara Ruaro (Italy), Christian Dejaco (Austria/Italy),  Fatih Kelesoglu (Turkey), Francesco Carubbi (Italy), Joanna Zalewska (Poland), Mike Becker (Germany), Richard Conway (Ireland).


  1. The EMEUNET Newsletter ‘EMEUNEWS’ is aimed at spreading any information considered useful to young rheumatologists/researchers of the EMEUNET community. Together with EMEUNET´s Social Media, EMEUNEWS can be considered the “voice” of EMEUNET.
  2. EMEUNEWS is released monthly and covers several topics. The Newsletters promote EMEUNET’s visibility, by introducing working group members (August issue) and country liaisons (March issue) as well as by showing the different activities of the Subgroups (February issue). They also report about Do-Not-Miss Abstracts (May and October issues) and Abstract Highlights (July and December issues) of EULAR and ACR. In addition, Press Reviews are released three times per year (January, April and September issues) to highlight the most recent rheumatology literature. All EMEUNEWS issues also include general information about EMEUNET, upcoming events, abstract deadlines, fellowships, courses, grants, etc. For the production of EMEUNEWS, all EMEUNET working group members are involved by volunteer work.
  3. Recently, a new format of EMEUNEWS, the One Year in Review, has been started and it aims at summarizing the growth and activities of EMEUNET over the past year.