Country Liaisons

EMEUNET is growing and we now have a Liaison for every country in Europe. Country Liaisons contribute to the spread of EMEUNET. With their help, we hope to reach the vast majority of young rheumatologists and researchers across Europe.

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Country Liasion Activities: 2015, 2016, 2017

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Country Liaison Activities


EMEUNET promotion at a scientific evening for young rheumatologists

Our Country Liaison for Belgium, Alla Ishchenko, organized an educational event where EMEUNET was promoted. The event was widely promoted in the country and about 15 young residents in Rheumatology from all major Belgian university centers attended. The meeting focused on rheumatoid arthritis and was followed by a dinner. Professors Durez and Verschueren gave a lecture and young colleagues also presented clinical cases. Alla promoted EMEUNET with a 10 minutes presentation.

EMEUNET promotion at the educational evening in Gant, Belgium

Alla Ishchenko, the Country Liaison for Belgium, promoted EMEUNET with a special educational evening in Lantem (Gant) on the 6th September. The invited speaker was Professor Dirk Elewaut, Chief of the Department of Rheumatology at the University of Gant. This scientific meeting was a great opportunity to improve the knowledge about the role of IL-6 in immune system. Furthermore, it was a chance to spread information about EMEUNET and promote the network of young rheumatologists in Belgium.


EMEUNET promotion at the national congress of the Bulgarian Society of Rheumatology

Rositsa Dacheva, the Country Liaison for Bulgaria, promoted EMEUNET with a poster presentation at the congress of the Bulgarian Society of Rheumatology. She collected positive feedbacks of colleagues and the congress was a chance to spread information about EMEUNET and network with young rheumatologists and fellows in Bulgaria.  



EMEUNET promoted in Croatia

Marija Andrassy, the EMEUNET Country Liaison for Croatia, and Ivan Padjen, EMEUNET Working Group member, organized a meeting of young rheumatologists in Zagreb. The advantages of EMEUNET for education, networking and research were presented to many young rheumatologists and residents from all Croatia, including colleagues from other departments.


Promotion of EMEUNET in Germany


EMEUNET was actively promoted in Germany by our Country Liasion Johanna Mucke. Johanna promoted EMEUNET to young fellows in Germany in a recent workshop in January 2018. This workshop was organized by the rheumadocs, an association of young german rheumatologists.






EMEUNET promoted at DGRh Annual Meeting in Germany

Our Country Liaison from Germany, Johanna Mucke, promoted EMEUNET in a national meeting (DGRh Annual Meeting), taking place in Mannheim from 19th to 22nd of September. She distributed flyers and explained to many young rheumatologists and residents from all Germany the advantages of EMEUNET for education, networking and research. After the meeting, she sent an e-mail with the EMEUNET registration link, so that those who wanted to become a member did not miss the opportunity to register.


EMEUNET promoted at the Forum for Young Rheumatologists

Zsolt Mangel, the Country Liasion for Hungary, promoted EMEUNET at the MRE Forum for Young Rheumatologists. About one hundred young residents and rheumatologists under 40 years from Hungary attended the meeting, where a presentation about EMEUNET was organized, with special regard to the benefits of membership and international researches.



EMEUNET promoted during a national joint meeting in Moldova










EMEUNET was promoted in Moldova during a national event organized by the Society in Internal Medicine from Moldova, Society of Internal Medicine from Romania and Romanian Society of Rheumatology. Our Country Liaison for Moldova, Victoria Sadovici-Bobeica presented a poster about EMEUNET and distributed flyers to young participants during the coffee breaks.

EMEUNET promotion at MedEspera Congress


Victoria Sadovici-Bobeica, the Country Liaison for Moldova, presented EMEUNET during a poster presentation session at the MedEspera Congress (International Medical Congress for medicine students and young doctors). She made possible the immediate registration at EMEUNET during the congress breaks, involving also specialists in immunology and internal medicine.



EMEUNET introduced to Portuguese Fellows

The Country Liasion for Portugal, Flávio Costa, promoted EMEUNET during the 1st course to 2nd year Portuguese Fellows. It was an initiative designed and organized by the fellows, with the sponsorship of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia. All the fellows from the second and third year (19 residents) participated in the course.




EMEUNET promoted at the national Spanish congress 

The Country Liaison for Spain, Diego Benavent, actively promoted EMEUNET at the SER (Sociedad Española de Reumatología) congress. EMEUNET was advertised with a poster and with flyers, including the new translated flyers in Spanish language. Furthermore, Victoria Navarro former member of EMEUNET Executive Committee, gave a speech on EMEUNET during a specific session on Societies for young rheumatologists. 



EMEUNET advertised in The Netherlands

Our Country Liaison for The Netherlands, Marlies van der Goes, promoted EMEUNET during the national congress of the Dutch Society for Rheumatology. She joined the “young rheumatologists” corner and spread some flyers about EMEUNET.


EMEUNET presentation for rheumatology trainees in Scotland


Marina Frleta, our Country Liaison for the UK in Scotland, organised an event for Scottish rheumatology trainees at the beginning of September. Some of the trainees did not know about EMEUNET, Marina had the opportunity to introduce EMEUNET and its initiatives and to invite all those who were not members to join!