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Do you want to give your feedback for a EULAR Courses? Written report and/or podcast interview.


Who do we need?

EMEUNET members who have:

  • Attended the EULAR Courses or EULAR endorsed courses over the last three years.


What do we need from you and what will you get out of it?

  • By volunteering as a “Roving Reporter” for a EULAR Postgraduate Courses you will agree to write a brief report (≤500 words) about the EULAR course you have recently attended. The report will be published online and included it in the next available EMEUNET newsletter. Please find attached a template to fill out and return to the Education Subgroup.
  • Furthermore, we are exploring a new format for the role of ‘Roving Reporters’, consisting in giving a brief podcast interview (5-8 minutes) to share your experience on the attended EULAR courses.

Please contact us with your interests!

Contact information: Education Subgroup:

Massimo Radin at

This might be a great opportunity for you to be featured on both the

EUMENET website and podcast!

We are looking forward to reading about your experiences!

Best wishes,

The EMEUNET Steering Committee and Education Subgroup