The Development of EMEUNET

In 2009, EULAR made a strategic decision to establish a platform for young rheumatologists, by entrusting three young rheumatologists - Maya Buch (UK), Laure Gossec (France) and Daniel Aletaha (Austria) - with the tast to lay the foundation for the development of a formal young rheumatologists' network, called EMEUNET - the Emerging EULAR NETwork, with the aim to "Bring on board high quality, young generation contributors in all EULAR activities".

To this aim, they invited 25 young rheumatologists to join the first EMEUNET Working Group. Over the years, our working group has been structured into subgroups, now subcommittees, each taking care of a key strategic area.

Since 2012, in order to ensure a standardised entry process into the Working Group (now subcommittee members), an annual application was set up, based on an application form, including a curriculum vitae outlining clinical and research experience as well as a motivation letter and a supporting letter from the head of department. This application process takes place annually around March and all EMEUNET members are invited to apply via email. Applications are scored by the EMEUNET Chairmanship and a decision is made considering scientific merit, but also influenced by other factors, including number of places available, country representation, age, and prior work done within EMEUNET or in national young rheumatologist’s associations. New Working Group members are notified in April and welcomed in at the EMEUNET Business Meeting at the annual EULAR Conference in June. Working Group membership lasts for 3 years. The current Working Group has 53 members from 19 EULAR Countries (as of 2021-2022).

If you are interested in becoming a working group member, register now to EMEUNET , and expect an invitation in your inbox with all the instructions to apply.