EMEUNET Steering committee

The steering committee includes 3 members, the past chairperson, current chairperson and chairperson-elect. Rotation occur at EULAR, with (starting in 2011) the previous past chairperson leaving the SC and the entrance of the new chairperson-elect.

Please read the new EULAR | EMEUNET Committee By-laws here.

EMEUNET members list

Past Steering Committees:

  • Steering committee 2021-2022: Kim Lauper (Chair), Felice Rivellese (Past Chair)

  • Steering committee 2020-2021:  Felice Rivellese (Chair), Kim Lauper (Chair-elect) and Alexandre Sepriano (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2019-2020 : Alexandre Sepriano (Chair), Felice Rivellese (Chair-elect) and Alessia Alunno (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2018-2019 : Alessia Alunno (Chair), Alexandre Sepriano (Chair-elect) and Elena Nikiphorou (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2017-2018 : Elena Nikiphorou (Chair), Alessia Alunno (Chair-elect) and Sofia Ramiro (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2016 - 2017 : Sofia Ramiro (Chair) , Elena Nikiphorou (Chair-elect) and Anna Moltó (Past chair). 

  • Steering committee 2015 - 2016 : Anna Moltó (Chair) , Sofia Ramiro (Chair-elect) and Caroline Ospelt (Past chair).  

  • Steering committee 2014 - 2015 : Caroline Ospelt (Chair) , Anna Moltó (Chair-elect) and Pedro Machado  (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2013-2014 Pedro Machado (Chair), Caroline Ospelt (Chair-elect) and  Peter Mandl (Past chair).  

  • Steering committee 2012-2013 : Peter Mandl (Chair), Pedro Machado (Chair-elect) and Laure Gossec (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2011-2012 : Laure Gossec (Chair), Peter Mandl (Chair-elect) and Maya Book (Past chair).

  • Steering committee 2010-2011 : Maya Buch (Chair), Laure Gossec (Chair-elect) and Daniel Aletaha.

  • Steering committee 2009-2010 : Daniel Aletaha, Maya Book and Laure Gossec.