EULAR EMEUNET support programme for Ukraine

The European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR) is very concerned about the situation in Ukraine, and it condemns Russia’s unacceptable act of aggression towards the country. As hospitals are being attacked and access to medical aid is interrupted, EULAR wants to respond to this humanitarian crisis and particularly support the Ukrainian people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs), who need urgent treatment and assistance.

Together with EMEUNET, the Emerging EULAR Network, EULAR has developed a support programme for young Ukrainian rheumatologists, enabling them to take up their profession, maintain and further develop their skills, and provide care to a range of patients, including particularly displaced Ukrainian RMD patients. Across Europe, Ukrainian rheumatologists or rheumatologists in training can apply for this programme, sponsoring their employment in one of EULAR’s various partner hospitals or institutes. EULAR will fund up to 20 such positions, allowing for a stable income for a Ukrainian physician who had to flee their country, and securing medical treatment for Ukrainian refugees with RMDs. EULAR will provide € 500,000 for this purpose.

What: Funding programme for displaced Ukrainian physicians
Who can apply:

Hospitals or medical institutions (employers) in countries with many displaced Ukrainian refugees. Hospitals need to provide a regular employment to a young Ukrainian rheumatologists or rheumatologist in training. Ideally, the Ukrainian rheumatologists shall be employed in an area where they can support the care of people with RMDs among the refugees.

The way how they can be employed depends on the permission of the National Health Ministry and Medical Chambers (e. g. conditional license to practise). Ideally, the Ukrainian rheumatologists should be enabled to take up and continue their professional medical education with the aim to be fully recognised as doctors in the host country.

The grant will only be paid based on this employment contract and for a duration of up to one year. If the employment ends earlier, the grant payments will be stopped accordingly. Hospitals/institutions must confirm employment and report over the time.

Required documents: CV of the Ukrainian rheumatologist, signed employment contract

Target group:    Ukrainian rheumatologists, focus on rheumatologists in training
How much: up to 20.000 – 30.000 EUR/year for each employment
Partners: Recognition to be defined by EULAR


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