EMEUNET Working Group members

The EMEUNET Working group undertakes the organisational role to facilitate the wider aims of EMEUNET and represents the EMEUNET Community. The group currently has 48 people and a rotation of around one third of the group is ensured each year (thus usual duration in the group is 3 years).

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Country Surname, First Name
Belgium De Cock Diederik CV (PDF) CV (PDF)
Croatia Padjen Ivan CV (PDF)
Denmark Kragstrup Tue
France Boleto Gonçalo CV (PDF)
France DAIEN Claire CV (PDF)
France Najm Aurélie CV (PDF)
Germany Korsten Peter CV (PDF)
Germany Protopopov Mikhail CV (PDF)
Germany Ramming Andreas
Germany Regel Andrea
Germany Schäfer Valentin
Greece Fanouriakis Antonis CV (PDF)
Greece Floudas Achilleas CV (PDF)
Greece Fragoulis George CV (PDF)
Ireland HANLON Megan CV (PDF)
Ireland Wade Sarah
Italy Alivernini Stefano CV (PDF)
Italy Alunno Alessia CV (PDF)
Italy Cavalli Giulio CV (PDF)
Italy Larosa Maddalena
Italy Ometto Francesca CV (PDF)
Italy Sciascia Savino
Netherlands de Hooge Manouk CV (PDF)
Netherlands Putrik Polina CV (PDF)
Netherlands Spierings Julia CV (PDF)
Netherlands van Onna Marloes CV (PDF)
Netherlands Webers Casper CV (PDF)
Poland Brzezińska Olga CV (PDF)
Portugal Marques Mary
Portugal Rodrigues Manica Santiago Andrés
Portugal Sepriano Alexandre CV (PDF)
Slovenia Burja Blaž CV (PDF)
Slovenia Lakota Katja CV (PDF)
Slovenia Žigon Polona CV (PDF)
Spain Benavent Diego CV (PDF)
Spain Rodriguez García Sebastián
Spain Rodríguez-Carrio Javier CV (PDF)
Switzerland Alpizar-Rodriguez Deshire CV (PDF)
Switzerland Lauper Kim CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Bluett James
United Kingdom Druce Katie CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Giacomassi Chiara CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Gwinnutt James CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Md Yusof Md Yuzaiful CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Nikiphorou Elena CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Rivellese Felice CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Schreiber Karen CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Shaikh Maliha
United Kingdom Stones Simon CV (PDF)
United Kingdom Wincup Chris