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In recent years, EULAR has made substantial efforts and investment in developing e-learning opportunities. All EULAR courses, as electronic ways of continuous medical education in rheumatology, are managed by a scientific course committee responsible for the structure and content of the courses and for ensuring regular quality control and advancement. Our teams of expert authors are regularly reviewing and updating the courses to keep up with the newest developments in the field. While the 2-year Online Course on Rheumatic Diseases offers a comprehensive introduction to and update on all aspects of rheumatology, a number of shorter online courses offer flexible learning for the specialist. More than 4000 participants in total are currently enrolled in the online courses.

EMEUNET is recommending joining a new initiative for attendants on the EULAR online courses called #EMEUNETonCourse . The purpose of the initiative is to create a platform for interaction while taking one of the EULAR online courses. The idea is that this will make learning more effective for the course attendants and at the same time get more rheumatology related content on #MedicalTwitter to promote the specialty. The initiative is grounded on Twitter. Anyone can Tweet anything with relevance to the EULAR online course they are taking. Eg

  • summary in your own words to make it stick
  • new practice changing knowledge
  • special clinical pearls
  • relevant clinical cases
  • controversies for debate
  • Etc.

The hashtags used are the same as the name of the course, eg hashtag for the EULAR online course on rheumatic diseases (the 2-year course based on the EULAR Textbook on Rheumatic Diseases) is #EULARonlinecourseOnRheumaticDiseases. Further, the hashtag #EMEUNETonCourse is used in all Tweets. Other hashtags can be used to specify the chapter or topic of the Tweet. Because courses contain copyright content it is stressed that all posts should comply with normal copyright regulations, eg do not post anything without proper citations and do not copy paste content from the courses

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Hear a postgraduate student's testimonial on the EULAR e-learning courses, filmed during October 2016 in Prague:


EULAR webinars

EULAR / AFLAR Webinar Series

EULAR and AFLAR have developed a collaborative educational program based on a series of Webinars on different topics that are of interest for the AFLAR community.

The 1st webinar of the series is now available and the other upcoming webinars will follow.

This programme is addressed to trainees, young Rheumatologists but also to experienced Rheumatologists who can be interested in specific topics.

Educational Webinar series by EULAR

The EULAR Educational Webinar series is an initiative launched by the Education Committee and with A. Najm, E. Nikiphorou, M. Cutolo, C. Edwards, X. Baraliakos as the scientific organisers.

The initiative focuses on EULAR spreading latest scientific and educational knowledge of current hot topics. This is accomplished by bringing a selected faculty of EULAR experts in specific topics featuring 5 webinars on the EULAR School of Rheumatology platform.

Live course webinars

New webinar format for popular EULAR courses.