Opportunity to join a EULAR Task Force!

Update of the EULAR recommendations for the Management of Familial Mediterranean Fever  (Convened by Seza Ozen) 

  • Calling for 1 EMEUNET member
  • Application deadline: 14th July
  • Please indicate name of task force in email subject line ("FMF-EULAR")

If you are interested in applying for one of the positions, please send the application form and a 2-page CV (including a publication list) to  l.perez@erasmusmc.nl

Only EMEUNET members can apply (free registration on the EMEUNET website). If an applicant has been part of two or more EULAR task forces in the past, they will be excluded from the selection process unless no other eligible applicants are available.


Closed applications



View past appointments of EMEUNET members to EULAR Task Forces here .