EMEUNET TOP 10 Abstracts ACR 2023

Are you an EMEUNET member, and is your abstract accepted for a poster or oral
presentation at ACR 2023? Do you want to benefit from the large reach of EMEUNET's social media channels for promoting your
abstract, and receive recognition for your work? Then submit your abstract for
inclusion in the EMEUNET Top 10 abstracts of ACR 2023! Our selection committee will
select the best abstracts and promote them on our social media channels.

E-mail your abstract and the following
information to emeunet@eular.ch:

- Your name
- Abstract number
- Day of presentation
- Title
- Short summary
- Why it should be included among the Top 10 Abstracts

The submission deadline is September 29th. 

Emeunet Members: 3341

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