Maya Buch

Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and 

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Second Floor

Chapel Allerton Hospital

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Maya Buch is Professor of Rheumatology and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at the University of Leeds, UK.

Having obtained her medical qualification from the University of Birmingham, UK, followed by internal medicine training, also in Birmingham, Maya commenced specialist rheumatology training in Leeds. She completed a PhD on investigation of the differential response to TNF-inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and subsequently undertook a Clinical Research Fellowship at the University of Michigan Hospitals Scleroderma Program, Ann Arbor, USA, before completing her specialist rheumatology training in Leeds as a clinical lecturer.

Maya has subsequently established a translational research programme that focuses on the investigation and stratification of immunotherapies in RA and its role in the improvement of cardiovascular risk. She directs a broad research portfolio of clinical trials and observational investigation to establish optimal therapeutic strategies and identify clinical response predictors. Her clinical studies are linked with mechanistic evaluations to advance understanding of biologic drug response. She also has additional clinical and research interests in the rare disease, scleroderma. She is author on over 100 publications.

Experience within EMEUNET

Maya co-founded EMEUNET, was its Chair and Education subgroup lead; has been involved in several European (EULAR) task force initiatives; was Abstract Chair for EULAR 2014 and Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee, EULAR 2015