Mentor-Mentee meetings during EULAR e-Congress 2021


Would you like to discuss research topics and career plans in an informal atmosphere with an expert in your field?

The e-Mentor-Mentee meetings are a ‘do not miss’ opportunity for you!

As the EULAR congress will be virtual this year, the activity will take place as a teleconference of about one hour with Prof. Rene Westhovens and Prof. Lars Erik Kristensen (FRIDAY 4th of June 18-19 CEST) and Prof. Laura Andreoli and Dr. Ioannis Parodis (SATURDAY 5th of June 14-15 CEST).

It consists of two parts, which will be recorded:  an expert talk on questions prepared by the mentees will be followed by a free informal discussion.

Our Mentors:

  • Prof. Rene Westhovens (Skeletal Biology and Engineering Research Center, Leuven, Belgium)
  • Prof. Lars Erik Kristensen (Clinical Research Unit, University Hospital, Parker Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Prof Laura Andreoli (Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology Unit, Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences, University Hospital, Brescia, Italy)
  • Dr Ioannis Parodis (Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine Solna, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden)

These meetings are an outstanding opportunity to interact with renowned mentors in a very informal atmosphere. No materials or formal presentations need to be prepared in advance except sending a few questions before the meeting.

If you are interested in joining this mentoring activity, please send an email with a snapshot and your preferred group to: .

Applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis.


EMEUNET mentor-mentee meetings


At ACR and EULAR conferences, we arrange informal meetings with mentees (n = 4-6) and one mentor with matching research interests. The meetings take place in a casual and informal atmosphere, and last approximately 60 minutes. The topics for discussion are decided by the mentees and mentors, and may be specific or general research questions or questions regarding career pathways.

The meetings are always a great success ... also when organized remotely!

The meeting give mentees the opportunity to discuss possible career options, their research, and their involvement with leaders in the field, and a special focus was made on networking for career development. 

You can find below details on the previous mentor-mentee meetings!

The meetings gave mentees the opportunity to discuss possible career options, their research, and their involvement in EULAR with leaders in the field.

The meeting was a great success and positive feedback has been recorded in video by mentees as well as mentors.

Stay tuned with EMEUNET to see these videos, which will be released soon

on EMEUNET's YouTube channel EMEUNET TUBE .


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at ACR 2020


The 15th edition of the Mentor-Mentees meeting was organized as teleconference at ACR Convergence with Prof Betty Diamond and Prof Pedro Machado.

Some feedbacks from mentees ...


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at e-EULAR Congress 2020


The 14th edition of the Mentor-Mentees meeting was organized as teleconference
at the e-EULAR Congress with Dr Caroline Ospelt and Dr Diane van Der Woude .

Some feedbacks from mentees ...


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at ACR Congress in Atlanta 2019


The 13th edition of the Mentor-Mentee meeting  was held at the ACR Congress in Atlanta with two mentors ( Prof. John Stone and Prof. Anja Strangfeld ) and 12 mentees.

Mentor-Mentee Meetings at EULAR Congress in Madrid 2019


The 12th edition of the Mentor-Mentee meetings  was held at the EULAR congress 2019 in Madrid. The format was slightly different from the previous editions, with three pairs of mentors, as this was the 10 th  year anniversary of EMEUNET:

Victoria Navarro Compán (Spain) and Denis Poddubnyy (Germany):


Jiri Vencovsky (Czech republic) and Lisa van Baarsen (the Netherlands):


Kimme Hyrich (UK) and Sofia Ramiro (the Netherlands):


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at ACR Congress in Chicago 2018


The 11th edition of the Mentor-Mentee meetings was held at the ACR Congress in Chicago with Prof. Robert Landewé from Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre (the Netherlands) and 7 mentees.

“Great opportunity to understand how to improve our career. The key message was networking!” (Mary Lucy Marques, Portugal)

“The informal information given was very helpful to create a plan for self-development. Important to know what the established experts find important for the young people and what they see helpful for self-development” (Mikhail Protopopov, Germany)

“I could not expect how much I could learn from the meeting! Prof. Landewé told us useful tips for our careers. He told us how his own experience was and how me manage to make the most of his career, the importance of networking and making choices. These kind of things can only be made in such a wonderful activity.” (Diego Benavent, Spain)

“It has been for me an impressive meeting. It made me realise what I have done in the past to reach a certain level. […] It is very good to be able to convey a little bit of this information to young people, willing to follow their careers. The people that were around the table were very motivated in doing a lot of these networking activities. In sum, a very good meeting” (Prof. R. Landewé, the Netherlands)


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at EULAR Congress in Amsterdam 2018


The 10th edition of the Mentor-Mentee meetings was held at the EULAR Congress in Amsterdam with 3 mentors (Prof Christopher Buckley, Prof Maurizio Cutolo and Prof Joachim Sieper) and 12 mentees. 

“Great opportunity for those starting in the field of Rheumatology. To have the chance to talk to great professors is something we should really cherish and embrace” (Valentina E. Emperiale, Spain)

“This provide us a way to get in touch with people that have a great knowledge on career path for us to take, and help us to realice about the several options we have. Mentors really dare to help us and provide the most knowledgeable advice” (Vital Da Silva, Portugal) 

“I really enjoyed it. Right answers and lots of advice on how to pursue our goals. An opportunity that every EMEUNET member should take ” (Luis F. Pérez, The Netherlands)

Some pictures of this year's event:


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at ACR Congress in San Diego 2017


The 9th edition of the mentor-mentee meetings was held at the ACR Congress in San Diego, California with 3 mentors (Prof  Tom Huizinga, Dr Yusuf Yazici, Dr Xenofon Baraliakos ) and 10 mentees. 


Mentor-Mentee Meetings at EULAR Congress in Madrid 2017


Our previous EULAR event was in Madrid with Professor Ian McInnes, Professor William Dixon and Professor Josef Smolen .