EMEUNET Peer Mentoring Sub-Committee

Leader: Alvise Berti (Italy)

Members: Cathy Melong (Switzerland/Cameroon), Jelena Colic (Serbia), Jeroen Smeele (Netherlands), Mert Öztaş (Turkey), Morten Aagard Nielsen (Denmark), Sarah Dyball (UK), Simone Battista (Italy), Wan Lin Ng (Malaysia/Ireland)


The Peer Mentoring Sub-Committee aims at helping young rheumatologists to have more access and information, to interact with mentors and leading doctors / researchers in the field of rheumatology. It also encourages the exchange of ideas between peers providing an opportunity to get in touch with rheumatologists with similar research interests.

Ongoing projects:

  • Peer Review Mentoring Program for Rheumatology Journals (formerly ARD reviewers program) to train EMEUNET members as reviewers for scientific journals in rheumatology under the supervision of senior reviewers. This program is organized in collaboration with the editorial offices of ARD and RMD Open.
  • Mentor - Mentee Meetings at international conferences (e.g. ACR and EULAR ). Informal meetings between EMEUNET members and experts in the field of rheumatology to discuss career plans, research options, training etc.
  • Research institute glossary to promote research collaborations between EMEUNET members and research institutes in Europe: EULAR Centers of Excellence , Centers of Imaging and other centers
  • Post-Doc Mentoring Program me: pioneer program aimed at providing mentoring for post-doc researchers by leading mentors in the field of rheumatology.