EMEUNET Peer Review Mentoring Programme

Since its first edition in 2012, this innovative program has received enormous attention by all the EMEUNET community and it has been continuously growing.

7th Edition of the Programme

For this year's edition, we have 4 mentors:

Kimme Hyrich (UK), epidemiology, drug safety, real world data, effectiveness, registries, outcomes research, inflammatory arthritis;

Marta Mosca (Italy), systemic lupus erythematosus, patient reported outcomes and pregnancy, UCTD and early SLE;

James Galloway (UK), rheumatoid arthritis, clinical trials, epidemiology, sarcoidosis, vaccines, infections;

Alfons den Broeder (The Netherlands), RA, b/tsDMARDS, epidemiology, therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical trials;

 Collaboration with ARD and RMD Open

Currently we are running a collaboration with the two EULAR/BMJ rheumatology journals: ARD and RMD Open. The addition of RMD Open to the program brought new top-level mentors and a broader selection of research topics, as well as a higher number of places available.

The participation of mentors and mentees of this program has been acknowledged in the “Thank you to reviewers” issue of the participating journals.

RMD Open: http://rmdopen.bmj.com/pages/thank-you-to-our-reviewers/
ARD: http://ard.bmj.com/pages/thank-you-to-our-reviewers/

Introductory meetings during the EULAR congress

Additionally, during the 2019 EULAR congress, for the second time, introductory meetings between mentors and mentees were organised in the framework of this program.


Viewpoint Article in RMD Open

The experience from the EMEUNET Peer Review Program has been reported in a viewpoint article RMD Open. In this article, we have summarized the main characteristics of the program, the outcomes of the last editions and the recent improvements implemented. A list of recommendations to consider for the implementation of similar educational/mentoring activities is outlined.

Link: http://rmdopen.bmj.com/content/4/1/e000619

Do not miss your opportunity to engage in scientific state-of-the-art discussions with leading experts and receiving a valuable training in peer review. We invite you to keep posted to our social media platforms and newsletters and apply to the following editions!

For any questions related to this program, please kindly contact us at emeunet.peer.review@gmail.com.