Peer review mentoring program


As you may already know, EMEUNET started in 2012 a collaboration with Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD), the official scientific publication of EULAR and the top-ranked peer-reviewed rheumatology journal, which also includes, since 2017, Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases Open (RMD Open), the open access official EULAR journal.

This collaboration aims to heighten the level of peer-reviewing of EMEUNET members, by allowing them to perform supervised paper reviews. The EMEUNET members will review manuscripts submitted to these important journals under the supervision of senior reviewers who will provide mentoring on the manuscript review process. The coaching process is very important because of the high responsibility of the reviewer due to the high scientific rigor of these journals.

Why are ARD and RMD Open Editorial boards interested in involving EMEUNET members? 

ARD and RMD Open have increasing number of submissions and thus increasing need for reviewers. Thus, they want to have more trained reviewers available. EMEUNET members are a community of bright young rheumatologists who can contribute to the review process.

Why would you want to participate?

You (a) will receive training on peer reviewing and become a better reviewer, (b) will be exposed to the whole peer review process with real world materials with the collaboration of ARD and RMD Open editorial boards, and (c) will be in contact with well-known senior reviewers, making the new initiative a win-win opportunity for both, EMEUNET community and ARD/RMD Open.

This training provides an outstanding opportunity for the EMEUNET members to become familiar with the state-of-the-art peer-review process and to improve their reviewer skills.

A possible other incentive is that you may then have an opportunity to become an independent reviewer for rheumatology journals, which is a highly prestigious and interesting task.

Who can participate?

All EMEUNET members are invited to participate. This initiative is not aimed at those who are experienced reviewers, particularly those who are already reviewing for top peer-reviewed journals, as these people are less likely to benefit from participating.

How to participate?

We invite EMEUNET members who are interested, to send the application form together with a CV to until April 14th. Candidates will be selected based on their application merit by members of the EMEUNET Peer Mentoring subgroup. Please note that the number of available places is limited to 3 trainees per group.

You can apply for the following groups with the main area of expertise indicated:

João E. Fonseca: rheumatoid arthritis, biomarkers, therapy, animal models
Gerd Burmester: rheumatoid arthritis, clinical trials, cellular activation mechanisms, biomarkers, imaging
John Isaacs: rheumatoid arthritis research (pathophysiology, clinical), translational research, immune modulation
Annelies Boonen: epidemiology, economic evaluations, work participation, quality of life / utility, shared decision making/ preferences research, socio-economic determinants of health /context/equity
Xenofon Baraliakos: spondyloarthritis/spondyloarthropathies, psoriatic arthritis, imaging