Statistical Tools

Introductory statistics books

  • Medical Statistics at a Glance: Petrie A and Sabin C.
    Published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing 2009.
  • An introduction to medical statistics (fourth edition): Martin Bland.
    Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2015.
  • Essential Medical Statistics (second edition): Betty Kirkwood and Jonathan Sterne. Published by Oxford University Press 2003.

Statistics notes in the BMJ

Online tools to illustrate/explore statistical ideas

UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education

(Great one stop resource for R, SAS, SPSS, Stata):

Dr Mark Lunt’s STATA course (ARUK Centre for Epidemiology, Manchester, UK)

Excellent open Access STATA course Beginners/Intermediate levels, followed by guide on multiple imputation, Propensity Scores and STATA software.

Online support videos

SPSS Youtube channels: Andy Field (to accompany his book)

Stata Youtube channels:

Missing Data/ Statistical Modeling Resources

A game for some light relief:

Official R website

Official website of the R project, with general information, R tutorials, downloads, etc.

Comprehensive R Archive Network website

Direct access to the latest version of R (for Windows, Mac or Linux) as well as the most recent updates for R-related software.

R commander

More than a simply graphical interface, R commander facilitates the use of R, from data importation to complex data representation. This website includes information on downloads, instructions and plugins.

R Studio

Like R commander, R studio provides a “friendly” which makes easier the use of R using a set of tools under a simple console.

R for Epidemiology

Epi package


Some resources from Harvard School of Public Health

Tutorials, manuals and more

Official R manuals

General and specific R manuals developed by the R Developmental Core.

An Introduction to R for Epidemiologists

Brief description of the functions and packages of R for epidemiological research (by C. DiMaggio, from NY University)

Applied Epidemiology Using R

An open access book covering most of the aspects of working with R for Epidemiology (by T.J. Aragón, from the University of California).

The R Journal

Periodical journal on new packages, applications and other areas of interest for R users and developers.

Other useful resources for R (All levels) (plotting package in R)

Personal webpages of Hadley Wickham

(creator of some of the best R packages for data processing, Chief Scientist at RStudio)