EMEUNET Country Liaison Sub-Committee

Leader: Xavier Michelena-Vegas (Spain / UK)

Members:  Aggelos Banos (Greece),  Alessandro Giollo (Italy),  Antigone Pieta (Greece),

Irene Cecchi (Italy), Tania Gudu (UK / Romania)

Current projects / ongoing work

The aims of the Country Liaison subgroup are:

  1. To promote and to distribute EMEUNET EMEUNET / EULAR information

Reach & attract the young rheumatologists / researchers (trainees and specialists included, <40 years of age) in every country to become members and to participate in EMEUNET EMEUNET activities.

For this, we support and work closely with the country liaisons, on whom we rely to:

  • Disseminate information prepared by EMEUNET (eg newsletters, courses, job opportunities, surveys, etc.) to the young rheumatologists and researchers in rheumatology within Their countries
  • Perform and report back on national activities meant to increase the visibility and adherence to EMEUNET within their countries
  • Keep in contact and give feedback / suggestions


  1. To encourage and support the country liaisons and keep the Country Liaison network active

Our subgroup actively promotes EMEUNET at a national level: visibility at national meetings, comprehensive and updated email lists, etc. For this, we send out periodic reminders and materials, organize regular TC, and are always available for queries.

  1. To prepare and update EMEUNET advertising materials

We have designed a collection of EMEUNET advertising material in a ready to use kit serving as resources for the activity of the Country Liasions. These materials include a slide kit, a number of flyers and posters, etc.

  1. To increase the visibility of the Country Liaisons and their actions

We yearly organize the annual Country Liaison meeting, the specific event for Country Liaisons which takes place at EULAR annual congress. Our subgroup is also in charge of the Country Liaison Newsletter, in collaboration with the Newsletter subgroup. Finally, we also make regular reports on the Country Liaisons actions in the EMEUNET social media platforms, in collaboration with the Social Media subgroup.