EMEUNET Social Media Subgroup

Leaders: Diederik De Cock (Belgium), Simone Parisi (Italy).

Members: Alvise Berti (Italy), Chiara Giacomassi (UK), Martin Greco (Spain), Lianne Kearsly-Fleet (UK), Mariana Luis (Portugal), Santiago AndrĂ©s Rodrigues Manica (Portugal), Ivan Padjen (Croatia), David Simon (Germany), Simon Stones (UK), Polona Zigon (Slovenia).

The EMEUNET website launched in June 2012 and since that time has reached an average of 6,000 monthly visitors from around the world. We first joined social media by launching the EMEUNET Facebook page in February 2014, a Twitter feed in September 2014 and LinkedIn in October 2016 to ensure close contact with our members. Our YouTube channel offers a variety of short video clips, introducing EMEUNET, research opportunities and researchers as well as campaigns. Rheumatology across the world. EMEUNET's visibility and distribution in rheumatology across the world. So we have a specific role in being the "voice" ofAnnals of Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) on social media platforms, by collaborating closely with the ARD Team of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) to enhance the profile and activity of the Journal on these platforms.

We are responsible for managing and updating the content of all Social Media Platforms : website, Facebook page , Twitter , LinkedIn and YouTube channel. You can find all the up-to-date information on the website and easily connect with other areas of interest. Facebook and Twitter are accessible platforms, very intuitive, where you can follow all ongoing activities, deadlines and projects as they take place! This is why we encourage all our members and therefore non-members to join and support these initiatives.

Our aims include reaching out to many young rheumatologists as well as through our EMEUNET Country Liaisons and Researchers in their respective countries to use Twitter and Facebook for sharing information from national, international conferences and other meetings of interest. Our ultimate goal is to support EMEUNET in its initiative to keep every young rheumatologist in the world informed and involved in educational, clinical and research activities. Through our collaboration with ARD / BMJ, we hope to promote high quality clinical and research material and engagement of the rheumatology community on social media platforms.

If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the platforms or by email ( emeunet@eular.ch ). Furthermore, we are always happy to receive any comments / suggestions you may have!

What our Social Media Platforms offer you:

  • Up to date information on what's going on:

On our website, Twitter and Facebook you will find announcements of interesting conferences, useful courses or exchange programs . We want to update you with all important information such as registration links, schedules or travel bursaries and job opportunities . Our website is especially designed to meet the needs of young rheumatologists / researchers in the field of rheumatology. It's the only webpage collecting and gathering interesting information about rheumatology worldwide.

  • Being an EMEUNET member - Connect - Interact - Access:

Once registered on our website, you become part of the EMEUNET network. You are now accessing the EMEUNET Membership-database , where you can contact other members, see their areas of interest, share information or initiate collaborations. Only EMEUNET members have full access to all our newsletters , and centers of excellence section .

  • Provide important links & tools

The website provides important research links / clinical links for you, which should simplify your daily life as a rheumatologist or scientist. We have links to online tools, funding opportunities and all important rheumatology journals . Our website further provides a wide range of courses and different educational offers.