Visibility & Global Affairs Sub-Committee

Leader : Manouk De Hooge ( Netherlands / Belgium)

MembersDaniele Mauro (Italy / UK), Krystel Aouad (Lebanon / France), Muhammad Shipa (UK [Bangladesh]),  Nadia Roodenrijs ( Netherlands), Vincenzo Venerito (Italy ).

Aim and Ongoing Projects

The V&GA subgroup has as main aim to increase awareness around the world about EMEUNET as an organization and the projects we do. We try to achieve that goal by:

  • Setting up the EMEUNET corner at the EULAR annual meeting - The EMEUNET corner is the 'headquarter' for EMEUNET members at the EULAR meetings, where they can meet, get informed and discuss.
  • Networking events for EMEUNET members at EULAR and ACR annual meetings - EMEUNET networking events are organized in every city where EULAR / ACR meetings take place. We already organized walking tours, biking tours, boat trips and surf courses and there are many more to come.
  • We interact with Young PARE, a working group of the EULAR Standing Committee of PARE aiming to communicate the specific needs of young people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases;
  • We maintain contacts with other Young Specialists Organizations in Europe, such as nephrology (YNP), pediatric rheumatology (PReS EMERGE), immunology / allergy (Junior members of EAACI), gastroenterology (Y-ECCO), internal medicine (Young Internists) and oncology (YOC);