Apply to the EMEUNET Working Group (application deadline: March 18th 2019)!


The EMEUNET Working Group consists of 50 young rheumatologists and researchers who are responsible for the core activities of EMEUNET for a 3-year period.

The key areas of the Working Group of EMEUNET include:

  • the development of a European-wide network of young, emerging rheumatologists and rheumatology researchers;
  • promoting and facilitating a comprehensive higher educational platform for all rheumatology trainees.

The Working Group includes 7 subgroups:

1. Education
2. Country liaisons
3. Social media
4. Visibility,
5. Newsletters,
6. Peer mentoring
7. Global affairs

Each Working Group member works within one subgroup but participation in other subgroups is also possible.  To have more information on the different activities currently ongoing in each subgroup check our latest newsletter or visit our Youtube Channel to see the videos of our subgroup leaders presenting their subgroup.

To apply for Working Group membership, you must qualify to the following criteria:

1) Registered Member of EMEUNET
2) Maximum age = 40 (at time of application).

3) Country of residence in one of the member countries of EULAR.
4) Interest in research and/or education in rheumatology as indicated by your letter of motivation in the application form; this letter should   also express your views about the future of EMEUNET and its activities.
5) Research active: at least 1 abstract as first author in an international congress or 1 first authorship of manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal.

The yearly application process for membership into the EMEUNET Working Group is highly competitive. Selection is based on the letter of motivation, scientific merit, prior work as country liaison as well as geographic representation within the Working Group.

Please be aware that if you applied in the past and we could not accept your application due to the limited number of places you can re-apply this year!

Please note that your motivation letter is a highly valued part of your application. You should use it to demonstrate your interest in furthering the aims of EMEUNET and to provide your views about the future directions and specific activities that EMEUNET should develop in the near future.

With the growing EMEUNET activities on Social Media interest/skills in this domain will be also valued.

 When applying, please consider that Working Group Membership requires that you devote substantial time and energy to further the aims of EMEUNET on a regular basis

The deadline to send in your application (form attached) is March 24th 2019.

Please send: 1) Completed application form, 2) CV with photo, 3) signed letter of support (scanned) to: Applications lacking any of the 3 documents will not be considered. Candidates will be notified by mid-April.

Looking forward to your applications!

Alessia Alunno, Alexandre Sepriano and Elena Nikiphorou

EMEUNET steering committee