What is new

 "What is new?" is a new initiative led by the EMEUNET Education Subgroup, with the aim of helping to keep EMEUNET members up to date with the latest scientific and clinical findings in specific areas of rheumatology.

We therefore asked EMEUNET Working Group Members with interest in the following dedicated fields to select recent papers (published in the last 1 to 2 months) and explain why this paper is important to highlight.

AurĂ©lie Najm, MD is the co-oridinator of the 'What is new?" initiative in her role with the EMEUNET Education Subgroup. AurĂ©lie is a rheumatology fellow at Nantes University Hospital, France. She is also a PhD student at the University of Biology of Nantes. Her main research interests are immunopathology of synovial tissue in inflammatory arthritis, and new therapeutics and prognosis markers in rheumatoid arthritis. She is a member of the EMEUNET Global Affairs Subgroup and the EMEUNET Education Subgroup.