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Education subgroup

Internal communication and logistics subgroup: EMEUNET is growing and we now have a liaison for every country. Country liaisons contribute to spread of EMEUNET. With their help we hope to reach the vast majority of young rheumatologists and researchers across Europe.
Check out who are the EMEUNET liaisons.

External visibility: At the 2012 EULAR meeting, for the first time we will have an EMEUNET corner at the EULAR village. Here you can get the newest information about EMEUNET and EMEUNET sessions and events at EULAR. Also, it is the ideal meeting place for friends and colleagues and other EMEUNET members. Members of the working group will be present at lunch and coffee breaks to tell you more about getting involved in EMEUNET subgroups and future activities.

Newsletter: Check out our last newsletter!

Website: The independent EMEUNET website is launched in May 2012! Feel free to browse our content and register to EMEUNET!

EMEUNET epidemiology course: In collaboration with the Standing Committee on Epidemiology and Health Services Research, EMEUNET is organizing an EULAR-endorsed Epidemiology course. This is an excellent learning opportunity that is not to be missed! The course targets young researchers with an interest in epidemiology. It will focus on the design, analysis and interpretation of observational studies. More information and application form can be found at the EULAR website under Epidemiology Course Description.